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Cool (feat. Joon Park)

Coco Lee

[verse 1]
Must thing that i'm an actress 'cause you played the role.
You came with so much drama that tickets should be sold.
If my life is a movie, then can i direct?
Your performance isn't working, so please get off my set.

Sorry if i'm real with this.
But i'm no longer feeling it.
Hope that you can deal with.
I gotta keep it moving.

It was cool while it lasted.
But you's a fool so i gotta let you go.
You broke the rules,i can's have that.
You wanna get back with,no,i'm cool.

[verse 2]
In the beginning you were my mvp.
But now you warm the bench and you cannot play for me.
It seems your game is lacking but still want the ball.
At the buzzer took the final shot,but you still can't hit the hole.

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

You were the star in my picture show.
Gave a performance that was all so memorable.
Like most leading men,you're a basket case.
(on the floor is your face) and your best scenes have been erased.


[repeat chorus]

You wanna get back with,i'm cool.
I gotta let you go.
Fun while it lasted.
But you's a fool.
You wanna get back with me.
No,i'm cool.

[repeat chorus]

I'm cool on you baby.
Cool, you wanna get back with, i'm cool.
Cool, you wanna get back with, i'm cool.

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