- Hello?
- I'm in the ??? now.
- Five, four, three, two, one.

Follow the black valley, trail of death.

- Just look at it this way.

Into the beautiful sunshine.

- ???... I mean, in five years, who cares?
- We've made our money.
- No: what are the satellites for?

Learn to kill, kill from the inside.

- No, you're breaking up, you're breaking up totally.
- I know there's somebody else on the line; you gotta hold your own down.

Penetralia, mercenary paraphernalia.

- Sex, sex scenes, funeral, funeral music.
- Gay bar.

Submissive dominance. With us, are you with us? Within us.

- Caught, caught between two cars about to crash.
- Yeah, okay.

In the future you'll learn that survival depends on how much or how little you leave to chance.

- What are you wearing under that?
- ???
- Something, something, something's coming out of the blue: looks like that kind of sex scenes.

Fuck the car.

Monster car, monster entrails.
Pictures ??? er, together with women struggling to enter the recesses of my own body.

- I, I just think classical, classical horrors. It's going to take boundless bloody hours.

Words and pictures.

- Split second face.
- Do you hear me?

There's some heavy dark blood on the doctor's hands, and that sledgehammer crashes with the killer-boy kisses.

- Kiss, kiss that kills.
- I can see something of the car in front.
- Check it out. In five minutes, okay. Killer-boy kisses.
- There's just no way ...???

The diminishing returns, the diminishing returns of a ??? dream of a horse's head.
And a rope of blood cuts them seven times for talking such crap.

- Unclean flickers.
- Have you got the pictures?
- Hello, er, uh.
- ??? very well done flavour.
- Can you bid us up, man?
- I, I keep moving and now I, I can't stop ...???
- Could you repeat that please? I couldn't quite understand what you were saying then.
- But I'm caught. I mean, caught between two cars.
- Five minutes.
- Call me. Over.

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