Backwards, backwards, backwards
Reverse backwards, backwards, backwards
Get cursed, get cursed
Get hexed, get hexed
Crawl, crawl backwards, crawl backwards
I'm fine
Fucking incapable of normal emotions

Backwards, backwards
Reverse backwards
In fear, false evidence appearing real
False evidence appearing real
Backwards, everything's backwards
Stabbed in the back
Go back, back in two year's time

How about another slice
From this parking metre dime?
Everything's backwards
Everything dies
Stab yourself in the head

Wish everyone dead
Everyone is history
There's no mystery
Everybody's history
Watch the stars rot
Bring it all down
Right back

Make everything anathema
Everything's backwards
Put out every light
Bring back the Dark Knight
Bring back the dark night

Put out every light
Bring back the dark night
Exit is everywhere
The machines are sick, sick machines
Everything's backwards
Fuck me backwards
Fuck me from behind
Fuck me in reverse

Normal is perverse
Everything's backwards
How about another slice from this parking metre dime?
Sickly sweet sound of death warming up
The sickly sweet sound of death warming up

Eternity ends here
Bring it all down, bring it down
And bring it all down
Bring it backwards

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