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Triflin (Featuring Eve)


Eve's rap:

I explain that you walked through
Stopped in my tacks like daddy what i need
But i'ma lplay it back gotta a whole lotta chicks
wanna say they touched your stacks
and i see you playing Santa Clause gotta 'em on your lap
but they giving you whatever you want not me though
Stal-lion ride ruff plus i'm trying to see though
enough to make 'em scream
Coko like Cain what you need
challenge make it better let me see
if you can handle Eve

Coko 1:

Sexy, tentive, caught my attention
knew he had me in a daze oh oh oh
his eyes they tease me enchanting the way he
stopped and stared me in the face oh oh oh oh

but as soon as he said a word
the same ol' line that i already heard
disappointed me right away by the
the -things- he - had- to -say
were just trifling


Triflin ghetto, sorry oh no
tired, game is , that's a ashame
trifling, ghetto, sorry, ohno
fine as hell though,
that's so pitiful

Coko 2:

oh his lips intising so inviting
smile could melt your heart away
oh oh i start to imagine just what could happen
if he should come and talk to me

but as soon as he said a word
the same ol' line that i already heard
disappointed me right away by the
the things he had to say were
were just trifling


ohhhhhhhhhh i like what i see
ooooooooooh shorty come and talk to me
ooooooooooh he spoke his first word
(i can't believe) i can't believe the sht i heard

Eve's rap:

What you mean you wanna touch at my house
ya'll never see me bend over my couch
think i'm a chicken watch me thug it out
'matter of fact i'm gone forget that i meet you
now why you gone make me get ghetto and disrespect you
had to be a clown and i'ma laugh at you silly a**
pass at your petty cash shouldn't thought i was weak
can't believe you had the nerve to speak playa you know who iam
you musta thought i was some type of freak

chorus out

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