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People Of The Pride


People on the left
People on the right
Got a lion inside
People of the pride
Let's go!

There's a man who swears he's God
Unbelievers will be shot
There's a man who walks around
Like he owns the fucking lot

There's a man who takes his time
From his homemade cuckoo clock
And he makes us march around it
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

There's a crocodile cross-eyed
There's a turning of the tide
We're no longer gonna fight for
Some old crook and all his crimes

There's a sewing up of rags
Into revolution flags
Got to stand up to be counted
Be an anthem for your times
It's just work

It's just work, it's not easy
And we could all be blown apart
And heaven is the fire escape
You try to cling to in the dark

It's just work, believe me
Still my beating heart
We'll all be free to fall in love
With who we want and say

Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)
Oh, oh, yeah (yeah)
People of the pride (go!)

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Written by: Jesse Rogg / Sam Sparro / Derek Dixie / Bill Rahko / Chris Martin / Johnny Buckland / Guy Berryman / Will Champion / Max Martin. Isn't this right? Let us know.