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Come Along With Me

Cole Porter

From down to up about this town,
I've drunk my cup from up to down,
But being a connoisseur and a great social pet,
The circle which I prefer is the dilettante set.

Come along, little lambkin, do,
Let me show it to you.

If you want to pass thru the gilded gates
Where the bourgeois meet the sophisticates
To exchange their views and to compare their mates,
Come along with me.

A princess from Rome I have lately meet,
Who attracts the crowd that plays hard to get
By her dry chianti and her wet spaghett!
Come along with me.

Come along with me, my pretty,
Let me open your eyes,
In the great big wicked city
It is folly not to be wise.

And if any night, baby, you would care
For an intellectual love affair,
I'll improve your mind, if you let down your hair
Come along, woof, woof, come along, woof, woof,
Come along with me. Woof!

If you woof, come along with me. Woof!

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