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(Verse 1)
There is a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to disagree
A time the summer sun would fade away and trees to lose theirleaves
There is a time for stars to leave their place and dance acrossthe sky above
But lady now's the time to take my hand 'cause now's the time forlove

So let the Earth stop spinning, let time stand still
Let the secrets of our hearts now be revealed
let the breath of God on us from heaven up above
'Till we join one heart, one spirit, one love

(Verse 2)
Now is the time for me to validate the feelings of my heart
A time to prove the promise made is true and never will depart
The time has come for us to live what we could only dreambefore
So look into my eyes as I draw near 'cause now's the time forlove


Now is the season and the time appointed
Time for us to fly on the wings of love where we are made
One forever


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