It's the city of jackers, swindlers, pimps and hoes
And niggas that bang and slang in kilo's
Where the rule is: Fool we don't play that
Bomb to your mutherfucking lip, watch it get fat
4 deep in a car on a mission
Load up the glock and watch it start spittin'
Nobody understands the gang mentality
I don't give a fuck, just want to see some casualties
And we'll beat your ass down with the quickness
Busters know that they can't get with this
Put the sweat down on a fool at the bus stop
Wrong set, wrong move get smoothe popped
Gots to make our money on the corner
Try to sqeeze, nigga please, a straight gonner
Survival of the fittest with a gun or a knife
Geah, cause its compton 4 life

One more 'drive-by miss daisy'
Its for the hood and nigga, we straight crazy
Fools can't cope when we belling
Throw up your hood cause its compton we yelling
Still selling that yayo, oh know
Watch out for the tape thats made by 5-0
Look into the eyes of the 12 guage barrel
My t-shirt and khaki's with house shoes is the apparel
Just call me a nigga with a problem
Better yet a trouble shooter cause I'm a shoot the enemy
When I see the white of his eyes
You'll have a funeral every night cause on of your homies dies
Geah, it don't mean nothing to us. Ready to buss
A thousand mutherfuckers and we kick up much dust
Another dead, chalk up one for the hood tonight
Geah right, nigga, cause its compton 4 life

Its the city where everybodies in prison
Niggas keep taking shit, cause aint nobody given
So another punk fool I must beat
Learned the tricks of the trade from the street
Anxious to put the jack down. Ready and willing
One more compton driveby killing
One more nigga that got jacked cause he's a dummy
One more fool that got smoked for the money
And we got evil ass bitches, just like witches
Got to keep the hoes because they set up snitches
Niggas run off at the mouth here goes the nine
Peel your cap if you wanna drop the dime
Go to jail, hell might as well. Be off with the
Head so I bail from the police officer
Cause if I surrender from the fight
It won't be no more compton 4 life. Geah!

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