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Upside Down

The Connells

Don't ask me what I think of this
I only think of that.
Try talking?
First I'll try to hum
It's just that my sum isn't adding up.

Oh, let me state my case
I do as I am told
Keep within the keep, feed within the fold
As I brush away the flies. It's so hard.

Don't ask me, I don't seem to know.
I'm a bit slow, yeah
Try walking?
I'll just take the bus
It's not worth the fuss--well, is anything?

Oh let me stat my case
I teach what I am taught
Filter in a fact, confuse it for a thought
Oh, I'd rather use my time to steep.

Well I keep my feet in the air
and my head on the ground
Oh, I'm walking around upside down.
When I stop I can't see you stare
I can't hear a sound
Oh I'm walking around upside down.

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