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You Fail Me


You fail me with every fatal crush
You fail me with every abandoned love
You fail me with your inferno fuck me eyes
That burn as fuel for my city and its neon lights
Burn bright white line fever take them all
You fail me with your new dead end dream
You fail me with your pill box fantasy
You fail me as love's greatest war
That was never worth
You were never worth fighting for
Dying living dying living dying everyday
Living dying living dying living everyday
You think you are a poet
In your eyes you are a star
Who lives through a fantasy of rising above
You think you're a victim
But you live as a drunk
That has never sacrificed that has never loved
You think you are tragic but i know you are lost
You have walked the fault lines
And you have crossed them all
This world doesn't fight you, you fight yourself
Thinking we fail you you fail yourself

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