Kenan And Kel


Aww here it goes

Everybody out there go run and tell
Your homeboys and homegirls it's time for Kenan and Kel
To keep you laughin' in the afternoon
So don't touch that dial, or leave the room
'Cause they're always into something, or fronting

And you don't wanna miss it
It's double K like two to get greatness
Kenan and Kel, or should I say Kel and Kenan
And you gotta watch Kenan 'cause
Kenan be schemin' with a plan or a plot

To make it to the top
But they're kinda in the middle
'Cause they're always gettin' caught
This ain't the Hardy Boys
Or a Nancy Drew mystery
It's just Kenan and Kel in your vicinity

Like Siegfried and Roy
Abbott and Costello
Magic and Kareem
Or, Penn and Teller
Somebody's in trouble?

Aww here it goes!

On Nick-na-nick-nick-na-nick-nick-nick

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