Oh to be nobody
In the famous city
Weightless at every Sunday flea
I could be anything
You wanted me to be
I can be anyone
Because I’m nobody
And if that should ever change
Should I express a thing
Would I lose the smile from some
When all I need is the smile from one
I’ve been raised to please
Your every need of me
Hang your hat
There’s always vacancy
Curiosity is all that steers me
Show me what you got
No, I have nothing
And if that should change
If I made myself a name
If I had something to say
Who might it alienate
Would you stay
It’s ok if everyone doesn’t like it
It’s ok
And if you should ever change your mind
Suddenly see I’m not wasting your time
Well wouldn’t that be nice
For a little while
But it doesn’t matter to you what I do
No it doesn’t really matter to you

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