Out of Hand
Well ...
There's trouble brewing all over this place
And the reasons it started I can't relate
Some fucked up people get under your skin
Don't let them ruin it, don't let them in
People try to ban the music and the shows
And the scene's are falling wherever you go
And it's almost always 'cause of a fucked minority
Who start the fight and never see
Because it's getting out of hand all the fights that go on
For such useless reasons I can't understand
So the authority comes down on the music we play
Forget the anarchy shit & get into the scene

Instigators your the cause of it all
You give the bad rap so the scene's gonna fall
Soon you will ruin every place that we play
Just what the fuck are you trying to gain

The scene is falling everywhere
Too much apathy, too many who couldn't care
To open their minds and accept the change
That the scene is growing everyday

Why can't we have a union of our minds
Don't have to change and be all the same
The music should be open to anyone who'll
care for the underground


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