Scorching the painted desert adrift off of Donovan's reef
Tossing and spinning your pills alone brings such sweet relief.
Open your mind and show me a sign to prove you're insane.
Open your arms and show me the scars reflecting your pain.

Lovely lady, forgive me now
If words seem cruel
If words seem cruel.
You've lost your soul
You've grown so cold
You've learned the rules,
Obey the rules of their game:
Life's just a game.

Pig boat sails across the seven seas
Servants at home are down on their knees
The master's praying and begging me, "Please
Look away."

Diamonds shining through an emerald sky
Watch the phantom as he flies by
Trying to laugh but he knows he must die.
Look away, look away, look away.

Satan dances of death and doom our time has finally come
Lower imps of sin sing an orgy of our flesh begun.
Excuse me, I can't seem to recall exactly what's happening here,
Your mask in the past always seemed to me to be so sincere.

She's stolen you away
Taken your heart
Once it was mine,
Ah once it was mine.
You look so cool
But I'm no fool
You'll pay for your crimes
By doing your time in their game,
Life's just a game
Life's just a game
You know that life is just a game
Life's just a game
Life's only a game...

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