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Thousand Year Prayer

Cowboy Junkies

Here we all are at the end of this century of beauty and loss
Greedily ate what you gave us, the rest we tossed
We've trapped all your rivers, paved every pass
Pulled out your sky till we caused it to rip
But you've got Jimi Hendrix, so let's call it an even split

I met a girl who has turned my whole world upside down
Stars I once stretched for now litter the ground
Cursed by too little lies, and too much belief
In the strength of another man's words
But I've got a girl, thank you Lord

Ahhh ahhh (x4)

Here we all are at the start of another thousand year
All those love stories yet to be told
Ours is this river asleep at our feet
Blessed by this wet autumn day
Here we all are

Ahhh ahhh (x4)

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