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Where Are You Tonight

Cowboy Junkies

There's a young man in the corner playing Crazy all night long
Quarters piled high upon the table
He orders Wild Turkey and with a quick wit and a smile
He says, my darlin' you're the one I'll drape in sable

But his baseball cap and his barroom rap tell me a differentstory
That this is not my prince to grant all my wishes
Just another lonely country boy grown weary of the night
Just another boy with a sinkful of dirty dishes

And where are you tonight
When I left you in my dreams last night
You promised me that we would be breaking free
Where are you tonight

He tells me of the back roads and how we'll ride them all nightlong
How the days will fade and the moon will hang forever
And the cloud of dust we'll kick off will linger like a soul
And the myth will grow that the two will refuse to surrender

But as I catch us in the barroom mirror with his arm around myshoulder
This girl I see has grown so unfamiliar
And as she stands to leave with the stranger by her side
She can't help but laugh at a life grown so peculiar

And where are you tonight
I don't think I can face tomorrow's light
Not knowing if you'll be there to guide me
Where are you tonight

And where are you tonight
I think I can make it through all right
But I'd love to have you just one more time beside me

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