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Sugar High

Coyote Shivers

They all said life's just a bowl of cherries.. but
sometimes it seems like anything but
Think again, sometimes reputations outlive their applications
And sometimes fires don't go out, when you're done playing withthem
I feel so funny deep inside
i wanna kiss myself goodbye

sugar high
(gotta have it really need it to get by)
sugar high

I could go out and not even leave the house
A T.V. set and a bottle of wine's just fine
Crashin' out on that old pull out couch
Watching Saturday Night Live, I guess that's why
wheni think about my life
i wanna kiss myself good bye

sugar high
sugar high
all right

I have searched both far and wide
And I've explored the deepest caverns of my mind
To try and find an explanation why
I get this funny feeling deep inside
When i htink about my life
i wanna kiss myself good-bye

sugar high
(gotta have it really need it to get by)
sugar high
sugar high
(even though i've got to live until i die)
sugar high
(can ya feel it, can ya feel it sugar high!)

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