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Nothing was wrong
And the future looked better than it ever looked before
So I thought
The trouble was gone
It felt as if a bond had been restored

It's over
He plead the fifth too long
Deserving to walk the plank and fall
No longer blind
The light hurts his eyes
In hopes that time
Will help anesthetize, annul the hurt
The shame
That's eating him alive
He's praying more than friendship will survive

Ok, so far I'm not impressed
When does it get good?
And how much time is left?
No way, she can't end up with him
Did the hero die?
Don't the good guys win?
Don't the good guys win?
Don't they win?
Don't they win in the end?

No longer bound
It's freedom he defies
In shock (in shock)
Cuz I've (cuz I've)
Been hit between the eyes
I guess it's fair
I made the bed where I must lie
There's got to be some way now
I'm sure he'll find some way now
The pain of losing you should fade in time

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