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In The Days Of The Caveman

Crash Test Dummies

When you go on camping trips
You're stuck right out in nature
Foraging the forests like a primate
Using sharpened tools instead of hotplates
Your thumb and forefinger
Supposed to show you're not a wild beast
You can hear the noises at night time
They don't have to keep a certain bed time
See in the shapes of my body
Leftover parts from the apes and monkeys
Sometimes when I lie awake
I hear the rainfall on my tent fly
I think of all the insects that are sleeping
And wonder if the animals are dreaming
In the days of the caveman
And mammoths... And glaciers
Bugs and trees were your food then
No pyjamas or doctors
And when I finally get to sleep
I dream in technicolor
I see creatures come back from the ice age
Alive and being fed inside a zoo cage

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