Welcome a new target, a band promoting rape and sexual obsessions
Fair yankee decency meeting a subliminal threat to women's safety,
Preventing stay-clean kids from a world of disturbed, discriminating perverts.
Minimize, point the finger. "just a shocking idea that fits their nihilism".
We simply chose our own style of expression for those able to scan the subtleness of details
A multishaped provocation can hide. are you on the right or simply falling in a trap
Devised to prove who's the fool and who has class? i'm sorry we can't help fools to
Get smarter, for you i'll always be a rough expression of misogyny, sexism and male superiority.

Segregated for years
Cut out from yer fake scene for no concrete reason
Suppressing a mentality you disapprove or envy
Mouths kept shut under the axe of prejudice and pc elitarism
Isolation of the different - makes me feel like censored
Wasn't that something you were supposed to oppose?
Never thought that somebody could wish to defend individuality
From a reality of polished mediocrity, pseudo fights for the abused
Lesbian pride, rrriot sluts, idealistic preachers, intellectual fags pointing the finger,
Anti-homophobic sermons… your paranoias, your wasted time.
A smell of frustration … as you're always viciously sticked to the smallest problem
Aware of the fact that you've no balls enough to face the real ones
That's why you ban us, that's why you take up the stand of those that can judge,
You feel right when you accuse me - as i'm the kind of problem you've been looking for
As we inspire antipathy in our being ourselves, living the hc thing in a personal way,
Not givin' a shit about your militant political slime.

Ps: "shall we burn'em down in their rich kids squats
Where their bitches are having home births
Because the 90's children must be taught
To kill at will and fuck peace on earth" (rupture)

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