I look in her eyes, i see the walls of this city - i hate her
Socially dominant, a female corpse kept alive by rules - i hate her
Avid, spoilt, majesty in a little puddle of piss - i hate her
Blocks our freedom with asphalt, infects our blood with morals - i hate her
She went to the butcher's and bought 2 kg of blood-stenching meat
I hate her

She attended mass and bought god's mercy: "charity & love"
I hate her

She voted for a moralist dick, "to suffocate all immigrants in their own pitful shit"
I hate her

She came back home and taught her sons to abhor those like me
I hate her

Consume your shameful dinner,
Then drug your brain with tv-fix - i hate her
Do the slut with your husband,
Somebody said "frequent sex = rejuvenate" - i hate her
Take the children to school,
Be sure to grow them strong, proud and blind as shit - i hate her
Support ghettoisation...
Your race's "sense of property" to banish minorities - i hate her

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