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Nowhere To Run

Crystal Method

[Intro: ODB]
Fuck that shit, know what I'm sayin'? You give a shoutout to mynigga.
I ain't givin' a shoutout to no one for nobody. Fuck that shit.
Big Baby Jesus in the muthafuckin' house. Know what I'm sayin'?
Come on.

[DMX] Come on!

[Verse 1: DMX]
I don't walk that stop livin (bout like Bar?). Shuttin downunderground
streets of New York.
Hard what niggaz call me 'cuz the all be suckin my dick in the
muthafuckin bar, G.
I know they half so I laugh with 'em. Bloodbath when I let thefuckin rap
hit 'em.
Full clip but only half hit 'em. That's all it took. Anothercrook taken
out over a dirty look.
A black rig with niggaz try and shot that. They ain't takin afuckin
thing from me but hot lead.
You know my style pick up cuz I'm always schemin and jammin.Nigga's
holdin a six-string.
Police! But you got no piece. It was just you. Big man and a lotmore
All I gets is pounds and nigga want none of this. Back streetsare like
track meets cuz I be runnin this.

[Chorus: Ozzy w/DMX]
Ain't nowhere to run (Cuz I be runnin this)
Ain't nowhere to hide (Come on)
Ain't nowhere to go (Cuz I be runnin this)
Reach and seize the soul (Come on)

[Verse 2: Ozzy]
Surrounded by the colors I see crimson, black and blue.

[DMX] Come on!
Locking open doors again, I'm still afraid of you.
[ODB] Straight up, motherfucker.
Light to dark and light again, I always thought I knew.
[DMX] Come on!
Young to old and young again. What's left for me to do?
[ODB] Straight up.
Sister of the universe selecting me in time.
[DMX] Come on!
I'm falling down upon the earth and singing truth in rhyme.
[DMX] Come on!
If I was a rolling stone, I'd roll until I flew.
[DMX] Come on!
And if I was a garden I would bloom in black for you.
[ODB] Don't y'all give a fuck?


[ODB] Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, aye, aye, aye...


[Interlude: ODB]

What you motherfuckers invented is the craziest nigga ever beeninvented.
Most knowed him 'fore, Ol' Dirt Bastard. I call him JESUS!
There's no obstacles that you have to jump. There's no walls thatyou
have to climb.
This is real! This is elementary deal! Elementary, Watson!ELEMENTARY!

[Verse 3: ODB]
I ain't no pitch on ya. Fuck off, necklace wearin' bitch. Youdon't want
this money till it's rich.
Buy my album! Call it by Dirty, set you free. Go against thegrain? I
gotta be.
I know you don't recognize me now. I done cocooned.
How many lightning bolts do it take to light up a fuckin room?
Goverment people you better get the fuck off of me! We don't needit!
It gets more augury. Bitches tryin to bust their ass to get awayfrom me
when I use my real name.
I call myself E. Nigga Butthole. All the same. All the same. Allthe


[Outro Rant: ODB]

What motherfucker? Don't try to psychology my shitmotherfucker.
Cuz you can't psychology it, motherfucker.
Never. Never. Never, motherfucker. Never.

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Compuesta por: DMX / Jack Blades / John Eaton / Ol\' Dirty Bastard / Ozzy Osbourne / Rick Rubin / The Crystal Method. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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