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Generations Of Love

Culture Club

I don't know much
But I know what I feel
There's too many people fighting
Tied to the wheel
I don't know much
But I know what I see
There's too many people crying
Washed out to sea

And there's much more we can say
Much more we can do
Much more we can learn
Generations of love

I don't knwo you but you know what I am
Hey I don't need redemption
Or no government plan
No big AIDS sensation
No 28 clause
The end of aparteid
No message of war
The jew and the gentile
The black and the gay
The lost and the futile
They've all got something to say
The African nation
The sword of Islam
The rebels in chaina
The sikhs and the tams
The house of our father
The volumes of guilt
The luck of the Irish
The blood that we've spilt
The angels and martyrs
The lovers and saints
The sisters of mercy
The brothers of pain

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