From the city that care forgot
From the section where rations had to be airdropped
Was undetected but they know i'm here now
Rapping through my verizon network you n *ggas hear me now
I'm in va with my big homie twistin' backwards
Usually i don't get down like that
But that's my dog* i hit a few times out of respect
And now i'm on the jet full of trees watching videos
Laughing at studio gangsta they mo' gents then g's
My bitches use your mixtape cover to break they trees on
Top of the building, villa, gorilla king kong
Thrilla manilla spitta get his king of the ring on
Deals back and forth on the table that's label ping pong
Won't get caught up in it that sucka sh*t
Nothing positive whatever come from it
I'll buy this sh*t entirely from the hip hop government

And fools know i never sell my soul i swear on both eyes
Never change in attempt to gain dollar signs
I just kept it g and waited for the perfect time
Go left if the situation ain't right
Only thing i got if you're asking for advice
The moves i had in my life was difficult
But if i had two i would do it twice.

Buzz increased till it became a bang
Jet planes in the building b*tch we do our thang
Lay slocks? on my fly red 5's
Walk in the club with gangsta who amazed to still be alive
'cause they been through it but i took them out it
When i put my heart into this music i got some money out it
From east 34th to jfk by helicopter
I'm in the magazines you're in barbershops reading about me
And i know your girl made you mo; mad
When she picked you up from work she had that how fly on full blast
Just another shot from the extended clip of jet sh*t
And another one coming before you even know your hit
These b*tches is becking by the smell of the jet piff
These n*ggas is jealous of the love the jets get
But i ain't stressing, momma roll up the whole zip
And let me smoke away all this industry bull sh*t

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