Fuck Westside Connection

Cypress Hill

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Gimmie that beat, bitch! (vocal sample: "We Are At War")
Ding Ding Muthafucka
It's round two
I got my lunch and my dinner, fool
You think we gon bow down to some punk ass niggaz
We from the evil side, boy

Chorus: B-Real [Shag]
Doughboy [Killa], Wack 10 [Killa]
Doughboy [Killa], Wack 10 [Killa]
Doughboy [Killa], Wack 10 [Killa]
Doughboy [Killa], Wack 10 [Killa]

In about four seconds some west side niggaz
Is gonna put the foot in the ass of Doughboy and Wack 10
I suggest you stay tuned muthafuckas

[B-Real's verse]
It takes two of you faggets to get with one of me
Now I'm running up in you hoes
With "No Vaseline"
You could be the big fish
Bring your drama
Fuck your mama
I'll bring the pack of piranhas
You tried to pull a ditty, ho
But you the one who got the alternative rockers up in your video
You get addicted
You can take your four fingers and stick it in Mack 10's ass and lick it
my fucken east side ass
is a thing of the past
If I got no nuts it's because they still stuck in yo ass
i'm the King of punks
King of busters
King of thieves
Now i'ma get down of my fuckin' knees
(Shag: Bow Down)
Start to sucking

You try to remake NWA without Dre and Ren
Dub's cool, but you're fuckin' up with Mack 10
Silly little philly
I'm back tearing'
Can you really see my machine gun turrets?
Open and aimed at your fat little frame
How can I miss?
I'll twist your cap and take your name
Analyze it
My name should be Mack 11
I'm a higher caliber MC
There's no question
Anytime you wann run up
You get dealt with
You get melted
"Check Yo' self" (bitch check it)
Ice Cube, you better tell'em (tell 'em mutha-fucka)
Muggs made the best songs on your third album (biatch!)

[Shag Talkin']
You and Wack 10
Can't deal with this
Cypress Hill to the muthafuckin' fullest
Fuck y'all
So what'cha wanna do?
Bring it on, nigga
This is Shag from the Neighborhood Family

[Shag's verse]
Mack 10 is a biatch
suckin' Ice Cube's dick
But what you faggets know about some gangsta shit
(B-Real: Nothin)
Let's take it to the streets
And fight like real G's
What you niggaz wanna do?
You can't fuck with these
Ain't never had a strap
Now you wanna gangsta rap
Come can't to your hood
'Cause you're scared to get jacked
Fuck peace, this is war
Everybody on the floor
When I see your fat ass
I'm takin' one to your jaw
Fuck you
Fuck your mama
Fuck your whole clique
Better yet, fuck every nigga that i'm down wit'
Can't stand bitch made niggaz lik der r on da east
Ice Cube, youse an actor
Not a muthafuckin' killa
What neighborhood you from?
What dirt you ever done?
When the shit goes down
You the first one to run
Everytime you talk
Got a mouth full of drama
Only missing you done
Is going to church wit'cha mama

[B-Real's verse]
You got the Real-a
Swingi' of my nuts
Cube Killa
Break maself niga, huh!
Dick-a lick-a
You ain't a killa
You a busta
Bitch made niggaz
I never trust ya "Can't trust 'em"--
ladies like you can't figure out where you're from
Are you from South Central, the Westside or Compton?
Mack 10, the only thing you hoggin' on
Is Ice Cube's nuts
Now he's all in your guts
You wannabe like him
But you got no skills
If he's the king
You must be the queen of the Hill
But I shank the Cube's fine neck
'Cause "A Bitch Iz A Bitch"
And a bitch don't get no respect
No doubt
West side Connections means
Ice Cube stickin' his dick in Mack 10's mouth (Aahhh!)
All of your homies are down wit' my clique
Why you always gotta be bitin' my shit
And you don't know one bitch on my dick
But yours is best get a blood test for your kid
Only bangin' you done was with toy figures
Your mama wouldn't let you hang
With real g niggaz
Bring your clique on
You wanna scrap
So let's get it on (bullets for some chingazos, ese!)
Mack 10
I give you a year
I guarantee
you'll realize that you're getting' fucked
And i'll run to some westside niggaz
some pretty little trick
look real sweet (Mmmm!)
dwm should make me one of dem real niggaz like
I'm no fictional Scarface movie land bullshit
Actor, studio gangsta
You should win an award
For most outstanding wax banger
Fuck what you been through
What you're going through
west Side family, nigga
What you wanna do?

That's right nigga!
East muthafuckin' side
'Til' we die, nigga!
Fuck all you punk ass niggaz!

Any other punk ass nigga
Who wanna take this beat
We hit niggaz up like that
We bicoastal, nigga
Cypress Hill family
Niggaz better recognize
We here to chastise
Nigga, whoo bangin'
That's how we hoo ride nigga
No love for none of ya'll punk ass niggaz
west coast nigga, east coast
We don't give a fuck
Talk shit get shot, nigga
That's how we feel, nigga
Niggaz get killed,
Caps get peeled fuckin' with Cypress Hill
Yeah, I thought you knew nigga
I represent muthafucka
How does that sound nigga
They're gonna fuck all ya'll biggaz
(: "You got knocked the fuck out man…)