i've travelled around the country from shore to shining shore and it really made me wonder at the things i heard and see. i was the weary farmer plowing his sod and loam. ii heard the auction hammer just a-knockin' down his home. chorus: but the banks are made of marble with a guard at every door. and the vaults are stuffed with silver that the farmer/miner/fisher sweated for. i saw the weary miner scrubbin' coal dust from his back. and i heard his children crying got no coal to heat this shack. (chorus) i saw the fisher standing idly by the shore. an' i heard the owner sayin' got no work for you no more. (chorus) i see other people working throughout this mighty land and i pray we get together. and together make a stand. and we'll take those banks of marble with a guard at every door. and we'll share those vaults of silver that we have sweated for.

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