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Ain't Nuttin' But Music



[Eminem] its shit like this i kick to these rich white kids
who just might see how fucked up this sick life is
whoops i did it again, didnt i? my shit,
its harder to figure out then what britneys tit size is(wooooo)
i probably pissed u off again, didnt i bitch? (so what)
grab christina gaguilera, kiss my grits
do u know how many shits i give, i wish i did
so i could quit givin these twisted little kids ideas
this just in, britney just kissed justin
she just fucked ben
got tit fucked
and dick sucked him
if affleck can get his ass licked how come i cant, shit
god damn bitch, im rich, i cant understand this
are those pictures i made of us together on the internet
as close as im eva gonna get to hittin her from the back
shit, when it comes to that, i hit harder from the back
then everlast when hes pluggin lethal in his fuckin ass
just gimme 1 more chance, britney hit me 1 more time
let me know whats on ur mind, whitney give me 1 more line
to sniff, u fuckers know what time it is
fuck ur jewelery my records almost diamond bitch

whats goin on in the world today? people fightin, feudin, lootin,its ok
let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll, tell em dre
it aint nuttin but music
whats goin on in the world today? people fightin, feudin, lootin,its ok
let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll, tell em dre
it aint nuttin but music

eminem doesnt like nsync, well i do
so fuck him and the backstreet boys too (yea i said it)
whateva happened to the cast of different strokes?
garys broke, todd snort coke, and dana an overdose (ahhhh)
i got two little boys with me
michael jackson sent two helicopters to get me (heee heeee)
im up early with my hair curly
me and mr.furley fuckin lavern and shirly

alotta rappers are livin in la la land
thats why i lets my dogs out on the baha men (bark)
as bad as the life i had, im not mad
i dont need to be a jackass to beat up my dad (punch)
my whole familys country, my grandmothers oldfashioned
she keeps askin me why i rap with a honky
but granny im a flunky, i could b a junkie
i could b hangin with the hoochies outta the club scene

[Kon Artis]
for all the indpendent women in the house (house)
show us ur tits and shut ur mother fuckin mouths

Robert downey, bobby brownie, whitney housten the shit shes usin,
jesse jackson, reverand scandal, got george michaels, tevincampbell
pee-wee hermans, peep show places, public restrooms, beat thosecases


your mom and dad probably mad at us (for what?)
we done turned their kids into little body snatchers
they like where im from (uh huh), we dont bite our tongue (yea)
are you sure you want niggas 21 to carry guns? (blah blah blah)
its sad but im glad that im made to rhyme
when you work, you aint gettin paid for that overtime (damn)
its only music, media know it, but they blind (thats right)
i aint in ur life so stay the hell up outta mine (nigga)
and your the reason why princess diana ended up dying
you people get offended, i dont care
(stop cryin)
tryin to get us to leave
cuz what we say just aint playin
but holdin me back from what i say just aint me

[Kon Artis]
now whats these parents so mad for?
(ur music is bad) for teenage kids who drink more than ted dansonin cheers
carson drinks beers, we all fart and piss and cuss out our bitch(shut up)
(poor or rich) i still do the same old shit,
i dont jump infront of a camera and say no shit
when they ask me about my sarcastic-ness
i just slap them, turn around and ask them this

La La, La
La La La La, La
La La, La
La La La La, La
Look for that new D12 R&B Album coming soon
Straight R&B, Straight R&B, Straight R&B

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Compuesta por: Denaun Porter / Marshall Mathers / R. Arthur Johnson. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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