Any chance i get i'm on the plane,
I book advance tickets
And pay the fee's with no complaint's
In the summer it's off the hook
No time to waste
July hit the lake
And i'm sure to drive to the taste
Even though some nigga's i grew up with hate,
I keep a few good homies that try to stay, outta jail
Toni ' o tell me what the bail is
It will be there, and when u get out my coat tail here.
The crack head demon's and my daddy
And all he seem to dream about is his bad ass habit's
The gun shots ring loud, so i tote the
Radio from up stairs to outside the house with the extention'n cord, no night is ever boring
On the front porch, even if it's pouring
Hook #1
In the summer, winter fall and spring
I love it when my bitches and my ballers sing
Chi - town - chi - town the city where i'm from
As a kid to who i become
Live 2 get what i want
Chi - town
The city with the best sky line
Born there, that's home there
In my lifetime
Chicago show'em how we do,
The best place, some hate, but they still come thru.
Chi - town
The city with the best sky line
Born there, that's home there, in my lifetime
Verse #2
The liquor store on every corner packed
The bus run 24 and my stop jackson
Fire hydrant, busted, time for action
Nigga's come out like it's the beach in miami
The cops chase, theifs all thru the alley
It don't stop, these nigga's kill for rocks
If you can't stand up for your spot, don't squat,
Shop for a vacant lot, or get shot, cause
Chigago nigga's don't play them game's
When it come's to slangin them thing's
For the money, man,
Fuck around and get sharp, for the player's ball, and
Call don juan, to flash green on ya'll
The pimps got the hoe's, pent up on the wall
Just pass me the blunt, and i puff it all.
Hook #2
Verse #3
Don't worry about what i do for my city
Some of ya'll run yo mouth too much and whata pitty
If u outside lookin' in, shit seem pretty
But it's a lot of shit to do, well bitch i did it
I'm cool in the winter, my mink dragged the floor,
With the hat to match, cadillacs in the snow
If it's a block party, the whole hood know,
Nigga's from 3 and 4 streets over, come to smoke
It's k town time, 22 next to shine,
Who label he on, mine, westside nigga, right,
To my southside nigga's, and eastside niggas,
And my northside nigga's get high.
We really don't give a fuck what side you from
Just keep on holla'n out chi.
Hook #3

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