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The Girl In Red

Daddy DJ

It was a day like any other one.
I went home like all the other men.
Felt cold and deep inside blue.
Put music in my ears so I can break through.
Down the corner I came across a friend.
Was it Fate? He took me to his pad.
We climbed the stairs to reach the third floor.
We rang the bell...
You opened up the door I felt that I could die for you.
In your eyes I saw more than life could ever take me through.

You the girl in red, please take my hand.
I wanna share my world with you.
You're my girl in red, my candy maid

The only one I feel so true.
You let me in, I took a step inside.
You smiled at me, I never felt so shy.
Your bro'sent you back in your place.
I wanted to do nothing but slap his face.
I left your house, it was about three.
I couldn't help dreaming of you with me.
How tricky love can be at some times.
Don't know your name...
You opened up a door, I feel like I could die for you.
In your eyes I saw more, than life will ever take me through.

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