Set Up Shop

Damian Marley

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verse 1Me hear say A man a look a breakfastHear say ghetto youth dem a set up shopGong to di Zilla and me deh yah and me ill without a question Love in di street like a pedestrianIf you love yourself then my suggestionunno fi setup shopNotice when you see me and my crewand we so massive and a full up a ghetto youthand every man a fi make cashhold it stead fast, give it you best shotverse 2Junglist setup shopMaxfield setup shopMarl Road setup shopMatches Lane setupSeaview setup shopSouthside setup shopMi hear Rema man and Garden mandem get together and a buildand a setup shopTower Hill setup shopTelavil setup shopTavern setupWater House setup shopTrench town setup shopMi hear sey riverton a study and aget stillverse 3No bwoy caan broke shopNo pick pocket up a di tuck shopNo juvenile up a di fahhh fahhhh fahhhhhDuctor bwoy caan dis di school yute up a di bus stopGet a couple konk fi di tuff chatMan a juggle peanutMan a juggle ganzieCouple mesh marina, Couple baby onezieMan a run a taxi, even if a batteryIf you haffi live it up jus like youwin di lotteryverse 3Unno fi setup shopDrewsland setup shopPaneland setup shopSpain man setupSlipe Pen setup ShopGrants Pen setup up shopMi hear sey shower man and power man demget together and a build and a setup shopGrange Hill setup shopOrange Hill setup shopRed Hills Road setup Wareika Hill man setup shopStony Hill setup shopMi hear say Nannyville and study and aget stillverse 4Well mi woulda build mi own plaza, mi own harberdashGoods and commodities we have it in stockNuff merchandize pack up inna a truck backStill a spend money from when man a sell waxThree set a tunes file mi income taxBig Gong zilla fi mi bank book fatCome a fi mi yard it decorate wid plaques,To di maxxverse 5Bull Bay setup shopBuff Bay setup shopMobay setup shopSt Anns Bay setupFalmouth setup shopClarendon setup shopMi hear sey Ochio Rios get together and a build tourist spot and a setup shopNewport setup shopBridgeport setup shopPort Royal setupOut a Airport setup shopRockfort setup shopAnd Mandeville a run it like a treadmillverse 6Woman a pree a divanMan a welcome tourist to di islandMan waah buy car and waan drive vanMan a pree financefire bun di violenceGun dem haffi silenceMi gal a pree diamondsMan a pree income, Man a pree interestMoney haffi pay down, Man a write big checksMan a pree investments, Man a pree progressTired fi gi dem more and haffi a show lessverse 7West coast setup shopNew York setup shopBoston setup shopWashington setupLondon setup shopCanada setup shopAnd Rastafari prophecy a fulfilWhen Ethopian setup shopSomalian setup shopKenyan setup shopNigerian setup Eyptian setup shopZimbabwe setup shopWhat a ting humanity get together and a build and a setup shopWhooo weee......zilla! ]