Photo of the artist Damian Wilson

Nothing In This World Remains The Same

Damian Wilson

I met you on the forecourt
Of a London busy street
You owned a fancy restaurant adjacently
You asked what of problems
So I told you honestly
Yet still you had the front to disagree

Forget all you like
Ignore me if you please
Mutter all obscenities
And tell me how to leave
Justify your gains
With sweat and blood you paid
But nothing in this world remains the same

We stood there for a moment
Then you told me I should leave
You opened up your door
To show the rich at feed
And this picture of your palace
Was enough to convince me
You'd forgotten what this world was meant to be

So now you find me singing
On the corner of your street
A reminder of the person
You once cared to meet
And the growth upon your conscience
Is small but I believe
Your clients they can hear me as they eat

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