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Don't Bother Me

The Damned

I say hello don't think that I don't know you're listening to me
But please don't bother me
Don't bother me

You bought this thing so I would sing about that awful nuclearthing
I hope won't bother me
Won't bother me

Your rolling stones and pop star clones don't even want to heartheir moans
I say don't bother me
Don't bother me

Those men of steel I really feel are quite extremely unreal
I wish they'd all just fade away

So here am I under the sky can I ask you
Without a lie to please don't bother me
Don't bother me

I'm in a hole just like a mole
Don't give a toss lady in her mink stole
Don't bother me
Don't bother me

The people change they rearrange but stay the same
It's awfully strange
But they don't bother me
Don't bother me

Until the day their troubles stray on to my patch
Like tony hatch's 'crossroads' theme
Please go away
Go away
Not interested

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Written by: Captain Sensible / Dave Vanian / George Harrison / Paul Gray / Rat Scabies. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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