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Edward The Bear

The Damned

Shadows fall in the places we used to play
My toys have all been packed away
The rocking horse rocks in its box
A spinning top and Corporal Clott
Are a dusty lot

Many times I said I'd drop you a line
I guess I'm just a rotten swine
Who takes his time
And walks for fun when she should run
The damaged one is you old chum

Who's the sucker now
Who's the sucker now

Could someone shed some light on this love affair
And help to make me quite aware
Of what is meant by wicked thoughts
That have been sent
My memory is empty

Who's the sucker now
Who's the sucker now

It's too late now there's no time
The truth is locked in my mind
To wonder and look in my eyes

Who's the sucker now
Who's the sucker now

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Written by: Bryn Merrick / Dave Vanian / Rat Scabies / Roman Jugg. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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