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Beverly Kills

Dance Hall Crashers

It feeds on every dream you've had and lures you in only to feelbad.
That dull thud you've gotten used to is just her way of welcomingyou.
It never meant to kill you, but of course it's deliberate too.
Those promises meant nothing.
She just laughs at your chest pounding.

Beverly kills-don't let it get you.
Don't let Beverly kill you to.

Anxeity, you've come to know.
Just relax and try to breath slow.
There's nothing much you can do.
Just don't let her see what scares you.

Beverly kills-Don't let it get you.
Don't let Beverly kill you too.

If you manage to get out of there alive,
try to find a place to go run and hide
where you're heart won't turn black.
Just bring you're soul back.

Beverly Kills-Don't let it get you.
Don't let Beverly kill you too.

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