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Chicken Grease


Let me tell ya bout the chicken grease
stuffs and things to make the people get out ya seat
everybody its cool if u wanna clap your hands and stomp ya feet
come on down to the front where you can feel the beat
from the left to the right, the back the middle and the front
dont be uptight shake it off do what u want
pump it in the club get a little bit a rub-a-dub
I know u love me cos I'm funky cos I jus wanna show u some love

chicken grease chicken grease

2 get 2 the otha side
yall cross the road
but not the kid
see im like that old bucket of crisco
thats sitting on top of the stove
simmer to a sizzle like the days of old
but I'll wait till I've mastered this
let the others go first
so the brothers wont miss
fried till its burned and crisp
say we be cooking so the funksters can raise their fist likethis
now u know how its goin down
start at your neck then thru your back
then it works its way down 2 ur feet
so unique come on everybody lets dance to the beat
I jus wanna put u down
I just want yall to get down
everybody come on and get down 2 the chicken grease

If you wanna come on down to the front
baby yo its cool everybody fakin the funk
ima put u in skool
take a lesson from adolescent 2 man
i got the music and the instruments use em as my weapons athand
everybody on the floor if u listening to me
clap your hands stomp your feet
I just wanna put u down
I jus want yall to get down
everybody come on and get down 2 the chicken grease

chicken grease
chicken grease

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