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Who is the man in the white vest?
I'm getting nervous, becoming a mess
Is he the doctor's man to take me away?
Or the same damn demon from yesterday?
Waking up is virtually impossible
Something in this story won't let me go
You know I'm shaking and I'm feeling sick
Guess I'm gonna need a vodka quick

Momma's lace and whiskey on the top shelf
Somehow they got caught up in my dream
Monsters on my right and cobwebs on my left
Scary man standin' right in front of me

Hey man, I think I like being scared
An' I wish you all were there
Tomorrow, if I get my strength
I'll put my daddy's gun to use
I hate it, I hate it, feels like I'm drowning
The man's tied me up and I think he's frowning

Black widow is his favorite bite
Why does the creature cling so tight?
Makes her crawl on my face and neck
God, the man drives me a nervous wreck

Why am I starting to like this?
You know he hasn't hurt me yet
But it's different now, just a whim
Maybe I'm becoming his pet

Hey man, I think I like being scared
An' I wish you all were there
Man I really, really think, really think that I think
I like being scared

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Written by: M. Watson / Mark Geary / Scott Dalhover. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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