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Iowa (Traveling Iii)

Dar Williams

I've never had a way with women
But the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could
And I've never found a way to say I love you
But if the chance came by, oh I, I would
But way back where I come from, we never mean to bother
We don't like to make our passions other people's concern
And we walk in the world of safe people
And at night we walk into our houses and burn

Iowa, oh ooo oh, Iowa, oh ooooh ooo oh, I, Iowa

How I long to fall just a little bit
To dance out of the lines and stray from the light
But I fear that to fall in love with you
Is to fall from a great and gruesome height
So you know I asked a friend about it on a bad day
Her husband had just left her
She sat down on a chair he left behind, she said
"What is love? Where did it get me?
Whoever thought of love is no friend of mine"

Iowa, oh ooo oh, Iowa, oh ooooh ooo oh, I, Iowa

Once I had everything, I gave it up
For the shoulder of your driveway and the words I've never felt
And so for you, I came this far across the tracks
Ten miles above the limit and with no seatbelt, and I'd do itagain
For tonight I went running through the screen doors ofdiscretion
For I woke up from a nightmare that I could not stand to see
You were a-wandering out on the hills of Iowa
And you were not thinking of me

Iowa, oh ooo oh, Iowa, oh ooooh ooo oh, I, Iowa
Iowa, oh ooo oh, Iowa, oh ooooh ooo oh, I, Iowa

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