Lethean crevasses
Inebriate the fallen
Forebode the edge of night

In absence
Discovery of luscious pain
Volcano hushed
Boiling licks, sculpting memories
Merciless hand
Lacerating to devour

Ever-seeing, sleepless drug
Forgetful, shunned by
Perjuring light
Walking asleep
The core hungered, deprived

Lost the light of day

At the borders od emptiness
The dusk of debauched desire's seizure
Revealed, on nadir enthroned,
A ceraunoscopic spectre
A pulsing sclera, wants me, spewing faces
From her hideous nidus at the edge of night

Omniverous cascades
Incubate the fallen
Beget the edge of night

Severed Limbs
Jolting in spasm
Convulsing to connect
To lobotomized phantasms

Lost the light of the day

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