Still, I gaze upon to the death-drowned skies
Where all my buried visions lie
Still, the pulse of life tears me apart
Like a burning dagger within my heart

Smothering, suffering
My face in the mirror
Just another carved monument of transience
Like a grey illusion in a midnigth's dream

Longing for the final coronation
The day of this sickness' cremation

A weary soul, pierced by the wounds of life
Depressing emptiness
Loss of perception
Misery, come and bless my soul once more

Forgotten, the time, when I was free
Forsaken, the place, where I wish to be
Just one picture marked in my mind
Death take my hand
Take me to the ruins of my destination!

Rest in oblivion my persihed soul
In places so drab, in timeless spheres
Never to be called again

Life is all in vain, for only ashes will remain

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