Rampant hubris spreads
Through empires built on fallacy
Echoes conceit of the living and the dead
Propagates the seeds of corroding deceit

Eyes in the skies
Poisoned wires run
Lies pulling at threads
Till they come undone

Civilization unravels itself

Denies the demise
Which from avarice comes
Dies, still pulling at its threads
Breaking them one by one

In saturnine gluttony, the monster feeds
Cannibalizing on itself
Until there's nothing left

Even titans fall
To the spells of Uranos
Those slightest ploys
At the heart of the avalanche

Concealed from narcissist dementia
The bane of giants hides in the small
Horizons hypnotising, paralysing
Gargantuan puppets
To be destroyed
From within
By their minuscule masters
Patiently watching corruption
Run its course

Scared and ensared in their nightmare
Souls slowly drain, blind and unaware
Stained with disdain, devout in hatred
Vain, inane, bloated and insane


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