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And We Danced

Dark Lotus

(Violent J)
It was a dark and stormy night
when 5 children of the Lotus crept into a local cemetery
their intentions were nothing more than to smoke marijuanaleafs
and drink acholic beverages. But these five young boys
were soon joined by some very unlikely company.
In fact, for the children of the Lotus,
this was some company that they could only dream of.
I'm talking about the dead. Not just any dead.
I'm talking about they were joined by 5 ravishing,
beautiful, lovely dead women who opened up to these boys
and gave them their all.

(Jamie Madrox)
Do you like the Ouija, we dance
Blood, flesh, romance
Right there, right in front of the tomb
Beautiful, horrific, and the moon
Dead flesh, crazy hormones
Me with a hard dick, her with her neck broke
We did the tango, she breathed
She wiped blood on a killa's sleeve
Now I ain't ever been one to pass
She might be dead but she got a nice ass
Rotton to the bone, I like dead meat
Wearing nuthin' but her panties shakin' to the beat
So you like to dance? Is that magic?
Is that your ass in back I'm grabbin?
You're gettin' kinda freaky, bitin' on my neck
My heart is beatin' fast, my underwear's wet
And we danced...

I can't believe we danced
And I don't even dance
I can't believe we danced
And I don't even dance

(Monoxide Child)
Sittin' with my thoughts by the Mausoleum
I can't believe my eyes but I know I see'em
She walked up to me "Can I have this dance?"
And put her hand right into my pants
She had a slit in her throat but I wasn't even trippin' a bit
But I was kinda buggin' on a bitch missin' her lip
She had a long tongue, stuck it straight down my throat
And when I went to grab her titty it just turned to smoke
And the bitch mouth just started bleedin' again
I had to open up her cheeks so my dick'll fit in
I love the blood and guts, and all the sex with the dead
I love the sluts with the snakes comin' out of they head

(Shaggy 2Dope)
Damn, was there somethin' special in that?
When I swallowed it down it kinda pushed my wig back
Fact wait, whoa let me rub my eyes
What I'm seein' right now startin' to make my pants rise
Hello beauty queen, can I have this dance?
And when the song is over can I see some romance?
So what? You can see ya skull through your hair
I only got one concern, pullin' down ya underwear
As I lick the skin across her hip, I feel my tounge slip in intoa rip
A neden or a leg it don't matter to me
Cause dancin' through the cemetery gots me in ecstasy
And we danced...


(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
My first thought when I seen her rise above the ground
My one and only dead bitch had been found
She was the high school prom queen, Miss teen and shit
Pressure was too tight she cut her wrist
Her clothes a little tattered, it ain't matter though
All I wanna do is put my dick on her jaw bone
Spent about 10, frozen, decomposin'
Sweet talk the freak till I get them legs open
Can't wait to get up in her decayed womb
She's been untouched for 5 years in her tomb
She risin' up fo a killa to be the only one
Imagine dead funk smell every time she cums

(Violent J)
I was lonely, I had no one
Might as well do masturbation
I'll jack off while Shaggy smooches
I'm watching him from the bushes
Had my face down i'm in progress
I felt something poking my ass
It's another ghouly girly
And look at me i'm naked early
She came off her knee all mangled
She had no feet, skin just dangled
We went behind a tombstone
And I said, "Your boobies, may I hold them?"
She lifted up her crusty sweater
They were blue and stuck together
Gently I peeled them apart
And her skin ripped open, you could see her heart
And we danced...


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