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Somewere In Dreams

Dark Moor

Through the old valley of golden trees
In the land of elves
A young boy hated the line that destiny
Wrote out on his race
He sighed for the fire
He sighed for the wind
And the rain on the face
Far away from kingdom lit by the blaze
Lost in a strange place

Somewhere in dreams there is a way
Vast towers and gardens
Somewhwere in dreams there is a bay
Full of fantasy

Dragons in my dreams
Look for the glory
In the time´s stream
I just can flee
Dragons in my dreams
Tell us the story
Where the sunset beams
I will be free

And he woke one morning in elves´ land
His heart was in chains
And the king of the elves couldn´t understand
Believed him insane
But every night his soul wished to race
Throught the seven seas
Watching the stars in the deep space
Out of his agony

In the white land of dreams there is a way
High mountain and forests
Words on the wind that sweetly says
Full of fantasy


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