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Punish My Heaven

Dark Tranquillity

We are the outstretched fingers
That seize and hold the wind

The strangeness of awakening
In an so silent world
Breathlessly waiting for the first proud beams of light
As the hours grow longer and the shadows never fall

My sky has forsaken me
My desperation grows

Bring me the light
In the fires that never end
The dawn will never come
Punish my heaven

That's right
You will suffer my punishment

We have arrived at the outermost crossroads
The charge of cosmos
At our atmospheric skies will cause our fall
Our downfall

If I had wings, would I be forgiving?
If I had horns, would there be flames to shy my smile?
Unless I'm worthy

Hymns of loss are heard
From the masses in the streets
Praising the last of days
I punish

Bring me the night
In the fires that never end
The dawn will never come
Punish my heaven

The charge of cosmos
Charging us from unearthly distance
I challenge the universe
It's the choice between heaven and hell

My soul bears all the weight of mountains
As mankind weaves its silent end
Can there be no forgiveness?

I curse the heaven above me
As the light sinks through my outstretched fingers
Fading in my open arms

Make each tear in my bare hands
A lifetime in hell
On this last day of light
When our autumn leaves fell

And as heaven itself commands me
Our of its lair
I fear not
My face lined with darkness, I'll go, I'll go

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Written by: Anders Jivarp / Fredrik Johansson / Mikael Stanne / Niklas Sundin. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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