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Bulletproof Belief (Divine Intervention)

Darling Julia

Don't like the colour
Don't like the flavour
Don't like the fact I've never met my saviour
Is he around when, the world is wailing?
Is he around when I am failing?

There is no divine intervention here
Promises will never ever serve my dreams
There is no divine intervention here
Just a girl with bullet proof belief

Can't buy the potion
And I've never seen the light
You won't protect me walking home at night
You can't stop me smoking
You won't lend me money
You never open up the clouds
And make it bright and, bright and sunny

It's a homemade, spin on ice age
A little heavy on the 10-step guide range
I'm looking skywards, when all I need is here
I've got my outernet to catch me falling

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