Clay and cast iron, rum-colored silver sunglasses
White gold, sapphire, and apricot soap
French leather purses and saris with painted-on flowers
The smell of old cedar and jasmine perfume
Fig trees, bottles of milk, and sewing machines
The ring Baba gave you that you used to leave by the sink

I gave you away
I gave you away
I gave you away
You told me you take your Darjeeling black with a scone and
Always remove your shoes in a home
That I was your shadow and keeper of secrets and standards
A gentleman's only as good as his word

Ice skating in Kansas City, Crown Center alight
I said I'd be there in a minute
I stayed on the ice
I gave you away
Gave you away
I gave you away
I gave you away

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Written by: Auyon Mukharji / David Culver Senft / Donald Lewis Mitchell / Harris Andrew Paseltiner. Isn't this right? Let us know.