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  1. Till The Sky Falls Down
  2. Waiting (feat. Emma Hewitt)
  3. Never Cry Again
  4. Man On The Run
  5. Shelter (feat. Roxanne Emery)
  6. You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix)
  7. Underneath The Sky
  8. Coming Home
  9. Go It Alone (feat. Sarah Howells) (Andrew Rayel Radio Edit)
  10. World Falls Apart (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)
  11. Better Half To Me
  12. Janeiro
  13. Fool For Life (feat. Chris Madin)
  14. The Night Time
  15. Gold (feat. DBSTF, Waka Flocka Flame, Jake Reese, DJ Whoo Kid)
  16. Man on the Run (ft Jaren)
  17. End Of SilenCe
  18. Jar of Hearts (Feat. Christina Novelli) (Radio Edit)
  19. Surrender
  20. Steal You Away