(Dave) Loneliness awaits me
I can feel the hurt begin
(Sugar) Misery and and an empty heart
Will be my closest friend
(Dave)Searching for tomorrow
Will be my goal today
(Sugar) Right or Wrong
Weak or strong
(Dave) I'll do it my own way
For I'd Rather be

(Dave and Sugar) Lonely without you
Than be a fool by your side
(Dave) Willingly I gave my heart and you took me
(Dave and Sugar) For a ride
(Dave) I couldn't see you were using me but baby
(Dave and Sugar) I got wise
(Dave) And I'd rather be
(Dave and Sugar) Lonely without you
(Dave) Than be a
(Dave and Sugar) Fool By your side

(Dave and Sugar) Loving you was easy
(Sugar) I fell without regret
(Dave and Sugar) But having you to myself
(Sugar) Was what I couldn't get
(Dave and Sugar) Leaving you might change your ways
(Dave) but you'd still be alone
But it's too late
(Dave and Sugar) It's your mistake
(Dave) Now You'll find me gone
For I'd rather be (go to the chorus)

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