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Once In A Lifetime

David Craig

Once in my life,
I have a chance to find.2x


Once in a lifetime (in my life)
I have the chance to find
the key to my dreams
(and I know) that it's so good for me.2x

In the beginning,
troubled times in my life,
I needed (just needed) a shoulder (a shoulder) to cry on.
Had no direction until I met you,
everything 's gonna be alright.
Looking out beyond the stars,
searching, always wishing.
Often I thought that love
would escape me.
You got the key, babe.


I was lost, couldn't find my way,
you took my hand and chased my blues away.
Your inspiration has gotten me through,
I'm feeling brand new.
Memories of days gone by,
hurting, always hurting.
You've taken my pain away,
You set me free babe.

Chorus x4 to fade.

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