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Walking Away Remix

David Craig

Yeah, this is craig david and this is the iiiiiiiiignorence theREMIX
we back
ohhh yeah come on!

girl you were my everything but you wouldnt realise
that your friends would sit and talk about it
filling up your head with lies
and for all the things ive done for you, you only wannacriticise
and would you just fix and understand it that im

nothing like them other guys!

Girl its plain to see
you and i were ment to be
you were the best thing in my life, in my life, yeah!
and now its time to go (go)
im sorry to tell you so (so)
im tired of all the games that you play, with me!

Im walking away
when your blowing up my cell phone
this the type of shit you know i cant condone
checking on your battle
i've been doing you wrong
you crazy ( im walking away )
Im a tell ya how the story ends
give me back my car, you can have your friends
and theres nothing else left to say - baby ( baby )

you were the only one in my life,
you were the only one in my dreams (uh huh)
and then you let your friends get in between
and now were falling apart at the seams
its never good to turn and walk away (uh huh)
when you're having troubles in your life!
but for miles a discussions
the only way to make it right

repeat bridge!

Repeat Chorus! x2

I'm walking away
From the troubles in my life
im walking away
girl, cause you didnt treat me right!
im walking away
To find somebody new
somebody not like you
Look at your fucked up attitude yeah!

I dont care if youve got pretty hair or nice clothes
and i aint seen a, pretty pair just like those
and your friends seem ta, think im deeling with any hoes
cause' im in the studio, or doing to many shows
its no, you out faster then i'll move you in
i mean no, VIP just for you and a friend
i mean no see ok no drop BM(w)
i'd just kick it to the curb with your OTM
you can run up in the clubs jus' if there letting you in!
where i'll be swimmin' in women so lettin' the sweatin' begin
just let your friends think ,
i dont know what your seeing in him
' he's fatter then your father that you see in the Gym '
its lame
craig david recording the STIR
how can you deny that young, black entrepaneur
You better fix up, or im leaving with her
Ignorence the production that the street prefer and ummm,....

repeat chorus

we out!

music fades....

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