Rain, I see you're runnin'with the blues
You've done that thing you do to my parade
It's a sin, you've got me swimming in regret
You keep finding ways to get me looking back

But I've been thinking hard
looking at my cards
That you've had such a hand in dealing me
I'm gonna lay them down, and start a whole new round
And watch the tables turn

Rain, go on and fall just like you do
I'm gonna make you wash away my blues
All the time you've spent reminding me of love
Has got me getting up to get it back

'Cause it's a world of dreams
and what tomorrow brings
Is hinging on what
I become today
I'm breathing a second wind
I'm gonna love again
And who am I to thank?

Oh rain, you kicked me hard when I was down
Gave me a choice
To stand up strong or drown

And now, I love the smell
the sound
The healing feeling pouring over me
And after all you've done
You go and call the sun
To come and take your place


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